Oostereiland Hoorn ***

The Oostereiland hotel is situated in an old prison. It has 11 actual cells that are in use as hotel rooms, and on the first floor there are some bigger rooms. Please be advised capacity in this hotel is very limited. The hotel has an excellent location next to the venue.

Please make your reservations for this hotel through our online booking system: Bookingform Hotel Oostereiland / Gevangenishotel

  • Cell room, single €   95,00* Bed and Breakfast
  • Cell room, single € 140,00* Full Board
  • Cell room, double €   70,00* Per person. Bed and Breakfast
  • Cell room, double € 115,00* Per person. Full Board

Surcharge attic room € 15,- per room per night.

* excluding city tax.